On The Road

Hello! I am writing this from an amazing AirBnB in Lolo, Montanta. This is our fourth stop on a three week long road trip across America. Our main stops will be Seattle, San Louis Obispo, and Denver with tons a small stops and side roads along the way. Following graduation from my masters of architecture program in May, I wanted to explore America, visit some national parks, and see distant family and friends before beginning my professional career in Chicago, IL. So far, we have seen the Badlands through the lens of a thunderstorm, the faces of Mt. Rushmore, and the buffalo in Yellowstone. Updates to follow!


Day one: Albert Lea, Minnesota +449 miles, 5.23

Day two: Rapid City, South Dakota +515, 5.24

Day three: Bozeman, Montana +532, 5.25

Day four:  Lolo, Montana +356, 5.26


Update: Rather than update from time to time, the road trip will be explored in three parts.

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