Nice today, Volterra tomorrow

Our final day in Nice was spent relaxing and eating our way through Old Town. After waking up late, we grabbed breakfast at a boulangerie and ate on the steps of the Palais de Justice. We then attempted to get coffee at a cafe in the square but after waiting 10 minutes with no service, we decided to explore more. We ventured near the market and found our way to El Merkado; an awesome tapas place with chairs out front and, most importantly, shade. Un café turned into un apéritif which turned into lunch where we made friends with a lovely Scottish teacher on holiday. In total, we were at El Merkado for three hours, and it was a great afternoon. After our time there, we tried to swim on the beach but the waves were too strong and the coast guard was telling people to get out of the water. Bill got in the water but I stayed on the beach and still managed to get carried a few feet by a big wave. Dinner was salade niçoise, sardines, chocolate mouse, and peach kir. Thank you Nice, for the wonderful food and hospitality.

IMG_4423 IMG_4428 IMG_4433 IMG_4437

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