Second Try’s a Charm

After three airports, two flights, a bus ride, and one failed apartment reservation later, we’ve settled for the next three days in Nice! Our seven hour flight from Chicago to Dublin was fairly uneventful and we successfully made it to our connecting two hour flight from Dublin to Nice. While totally exhausted but excited, we made our way from the airport via bus to our apartment. Here is where our day took an unexpected turn. The apartment was barely comparable to the photos online. What we thought was a private apartment was actually a single room for three in a shared unit. Our exhaustion combined with our lack of patience led us to decide to scrap the original reservation and seek out new accommodations. I won’t say much more about the first place (especially while I’m waiting for a partial refund) but the second attempt turned out to be absolutely perfect. We found a studio that would fit all three of us and, most importantly, wouldn’t be shared by complete strangers. Our host’s name is Marie and she is our savior. Dinner was moules mediterranée with frites and white wine. Tomorrow we will explore Nice after a full night of well deserved sleep.

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